First off we should warn you: the title of this event was called the Bacon and Beer Fest. Almost all of the food at this event was bacon infused. The event took place on the concourse level of the Titan’s football stadium. We thought it would be a good opportunity to create a nice timelapse of the event. People were not as shy to put on the bacon costume as we thought. The booth was going all day during this fantastic event. We had fantastic weather, a television that showed all of the pictures after they were taken, and custom props created for this event. The staff at the Titans stadium was quite easy to work with Load in and load was quite simple.

We would like thank the Bacon and Beer fest for hiring us to come shoot the festival participants. We had a line almost the entire day, and we got a free sun tan while we did it. Though we didn’t partake in the beer, we did get to snack on some bacon infused ice cream, and many other unique cuisines that incorporated bacon in a creative way.